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I have been the producer of many special events, expositions, press conferences, forums and theater plays for twenty years. Last year, my husband Vito, whom I represent, and I had to go to Salon Comparaison at the Grand Palais in Paris, because he was chosen to expose his work, and then we went to Switzerland, and thanks to the lobby carried out by our dear friend André Schneider before the President of the Cultural Affairs Committee, Pierre Le Loarer, at the United Nations, Vito made an exposition of paintings at the headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. He invited some photographer artists to take more information on Peru, since the topic was biodiversity.

There is where JANANPACHA Project was born. This word means Heaven on Earth in Quechua, and thanks God, from the very beginning we had the expected reception and willingness to help us because this matter is of national interest.

As we know, the United Nations declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity. Thus, this approach is especially relevant to our country, Peru, since its extraordinary diversity is recognized worldwide due to the major varieties of orchids, butterflies, mammals and marine species, among others. Therefore, we consider that we are mainly responsible for contributing to the biodiversity of the planet and the conservation thereof.

Some days ago I heard that the Minister of Defense, Rafael Rey Rey, said in an interview that some news is news itself, such as natural disasters, homicides, rapes, corruption and poverty, and I acknowledge that it is important and we have to spread such news, but Rafael also said: We should also spread good news, thus we have to devote time and space to this topic, Peruvian biodiversity, in order to be aware of the things we have, how privileged we are, the opportunities, projections and progress that we can give to Peru and the responsibility we have with our future generations, both in Peru and around the world, for protecting, taking care of, supporting and sustaining all our natural known and unknown natural reserves and also for each one of our species of flora and fauna.

I was born in Piura, and I was blessed with a father that was one of the best pilots in our country, and a mother who was a pioneer in the development of social service for those in need. For that reason, I have travelled throughout my country by air and land, and it has given me a different, deep and very particular vision of the beauty of our country and its people. I have also had the opportunity to meet many foreigners that are in love with Peru, such as Carsten Korch, who wrote “101 Reasons to be Proud of Peru” and states that there undoubtedly are many other reasons to be proud of Peru. I would say that there are millions.

I have not met anybody more passionate for the topic of Peru and our biodiversity than our current Minister of Environment, Antonio Brack Egg, whom I had the pleasure to interview about five years ago when we launched a tourist portal of one of our main communication companies, in Cuzco. Such that you may be able to imagine my interest and admiration for Antonio’s work, I can tell you that I have all the tapes for years of his television program, La Buena Tierra. For this reason I strongly think that he is the best expert and most involved person in this topic.

I have seen in other countries that children and young people are instilled to love their countries by means of slogans, activities, programs and advertising; and hundreds of these countries do not have even 20% of the privileges that Peru has. Some days ago our current President, Alan García Pérez, said something that was very true: “What are we afraid of?” What could we be so afraid of? I think that the heaviest burden on society is ignorance and fear. We have everything to be brave and make it, our biodiversity is one of the biggest in the world. Let us as see it as an opportunity, advantage and challenge to do something beautiful with the gifts that God has given us.
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