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Vito Loli, through personal initiative involving other artists and photographers Peruvians, a legacy and seeks to convey a humanist message that high-impact organize a cultural event at the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, in the month June of this year. Coinciding with the Day of Ecology, to be held in June, our event perfect accompaniment to all forums and exhibitions relevant to the subject prepared for the occasion
Erika Schaefer - General Producer Jananpach Project, Director Biz Street S.A.C
André Schneider - Honorary Curator, President of EcoPro, Swiss Non-Profit Organization 
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Alberto Loli Narvaez (Vito Loli) - Painter
Eduardo Herrán - Photographer and Pilot
José Álvarez Blas - Photographer and Medical
Carlos Rojas - Photographer

Ministry of Environment See Letter
President of the Foreign Affairs Commission 
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Pierre Le Loarer - Chief Librian - Chairman Cultural Activities Committee
Carmen Willen - Coordinatrice des activités Culturelles
Liliana Cino - Ambassador - Deputy Secretary of Foreign Cultural Policy



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